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You'll practice in the privacy of your home (with or without a partner), whenever you want, until you've mastered the skills required. And what a wonderful convenience to be able to proceed at your own pace!

With these easy-to-understand lessons (and practice), you'll soon gain the social skills that will add lots of joy to your life!

Never again will you have to sit while your friends are having fun because you don't know how to dance.

You'll gain control over your social life, enjoy parties and weddings more, and be more popular.

If you are already taking dance lessons at a private studio, these videos will help you remember what you were taught in class -- and you can refer back to a lesson over and over until you've mastered it.

Dancing is an exhilarating experience, lots of fun, and terrific exercise!

After you've learned the steps and practiced them -- you'll be on your way to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling social life.

It's up to you. All it takes is one of our videos and practice. Start by clicking "American Style Ballroom Dances" button below.

From there you can go on to become as skilled a dancer as you wish to be. Just imagine that day when the dance floor clears because everybody wants to concentrate on watching you and your partner!

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Special Note: Order TWO OR MORE videos today (dance lessons for you, ballet or tap dance lessons for a child, lessons on how to apply makeup, etc.), even if shipped to multiple addresses, GET 10% OFF your total order! Order today!

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